Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Slipping into Street Style

Street Walkers Chronicles: London Fashion Week

London drippy cold grey weather doesn't stop these fashionistas from bringing their own climate... Which is HOTNESS!!! 

This model figure fashion force sports a oversized sweat shirt with the infamous "snoop dogg". Definitely bringing the West Coast swag to London streets! The G4L backpack is worn for reassurance that she's a fashion force to be reckoned with.

Hello there street walkers!! What other way to mob the streets of London than with these gladiator heels? The collaboration is just perfect, chic meets street. I'm sure the shades came with the shoes solely for the swag,  because the weather doesn't seem all that bright.


If not shades a cat ear headband will do the magic. Doesn't the headband give you life. Her outfit speaks sneaky style. I'm dying to see what's inside of this signature pink coat, it's simply too amazing to cover anything less. She's definitely a cat I'd parade the alleys with. 

Graphic Tees will never fail us. These daring divas let their shirts lead and their fashion follow. I won't take offense from the "I Am Not A Blogger Shirt" I'm pretty sure the back reads: "I'm a Fashion Blogger"...... (wait did I just come up with a Bonnie brand) anyway these ladies are serving and their shoulder purses are the icing on the fashion cake